Set it up in a comfortable space

I haven’t had breakfast, so my stomach hurts a lot.

It’s almost like a 88카 belly clock, since I was a kid.

Every time you skip meals, your stomach acid gets really bad.

I had no choice but to prepare it.

I have to go to work farther away from this month.

I mean, a day or two is fine.

I was on your side, but this is it. As soon as it was a couple of days,

It’s too hard to find a car.

I thought I wanted to.

It’s true that I have some funds.

I went to the store for lunch.

He recommended me an all-newk7 used car.

He was, to be honest, the flagship model of starvation.

This looks like something that I’ve been too fond of course.

So I really want to get one someday, or…

The desire to borrow and drive.

It’s a symbol of the image of a car.

Can you see this front design? thickly

It’s designed to be both wide and wide.

Three-dimensional connections between the grill and the side.

The headlamps add a high-quality mood.

I’m a big man, and I’m a big man.

Because it’s frequent, it’s either a medium-sized or medium-sized one.

Rather, I looked at it as a semi-large level.

Sleekly laid out, stretched designs.

Of course I liked it, but I ignored the driving performance.

They say it’s too good to say.

A lot. They say it’s a gasoline injection.

You know, I don’t know how to do this, but I don’t know what to do.

I’m going to save the gas. I’m going to get a rattling diesel.

I didn’t want to choose. Select from the beginning

I couldn’t do it. It’s soft, anyway.

And expect powerful driving skills.

It was a pleasant sightseeing because I could try it.

I’ve started the engine, opened the bonnet,

I felt more comfortable because you showed it to me.

The engine room was very clean.

Premier Noblesse, the highest-ranking official.

It was secured with a grade trim.

We’ve been making steady progress, and we’ve been seeing a lot of people

Not only in terms of visuals, but also in terms of performance,

They said the improvements had been made, so we’re gonna need to get the latest model

I had no choice but to choose. Let’s take a look.

Now that I’m doing it, I’m getting greedy.

I think it’s natural as a human being.

And it’s made up of sophisticated black.

I fell in love with him at first sight.

We’re entering a second-hand interior, and we’re looking for example.

Bright beige tones calm mood

I was building it for you know? as dark as it is

It’s easy to manage when it’s black.

I’ll do it, but I think I’ll get tired of it soon enough.

I heard it. But it’s a bright color.

It’s a two-tone base.

It’s worth following a mole. And the size, too.

It’s rather spacious. I’m amazed at the second row.

I’m getting pushed in. The headroom, too, but this.

The legroom is overwhelmingly wide open.

Of course, it was a power sheet, whatever you wanted.

It’s positioned at the push of a button, and it’s angled fast.

Also, does it set up correctly? in addition to

I’m looking at the door, and I’m looking at the basic door trim

I’m going to use the memory function as well as the buttons.

I could see that it was possible.

It’s this. It’s not even in the comfort zone.

It was awesome without the elements, without the breakdown.

I was amazed that it worked well.

There are various buttons around like this.

It’s on the handle, so even if you get a call,

It’s systematic because you can get it or hang up right away.

The display that you face while you’re driving,

I think it was particularly impressive.

I’d like to. I’d like to see the overwhelming formation.

The instrument cluster and the trip screen were eye-catching.

At the level of a foreign car, the analog mood is…

I could hardly feel it. The Kia emblem is…

It’s attached to the steering wheel, so it breaks the dream.

I was able to come back to reality.

The instrument panel on the screen looks like this.

Speedometers with unusual composition on both sides.

It was already done. Each accumulated as driving

I put the information on the organized screen.

No one’s saying that the trip screen is overwhelming.

I don’t think I can argue. Latest display

Technology is applied, so I can see DMB, etc.

I thought it would be nice. And navigation.

This is the real country. Riding a used car all over the country

We’re gonna have to run everywhere.

I’m telling you. It’s the kind of thing that was forming.

The graphics were high, there was no delay.

I was able to use it freely. at first

It’ll take some time to adapt and deal with.

It could be, but it’s only at the beginning.

The rigging wasn’t difficult at all

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