I don’t like the screen hiding under

How do your neighbors decide on their daily routine?

I didn’t plan in advance, but then

I’m not 88카 gonna let you know

It’s a type, but it’s improvised

I can’t hold on to something for a long time

But when there is something important, it will be long

I’m trying to think and decide

I just found a used car store

I saw a used car for the Ford Explorer

Personally, I feel like I’m okay

I heard how the others might see

I was wondering if you’d find the most colored

White, bright color, wide,

I feel a cool feeling and it’s generous

I felt like I could use it comfortably

And no matter how much you do,

If there’s too much left, it’ll be bothering you

I do not think so, but I do not do it neatly

where they’re left, where they’re peeled or scratched

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

No one was hurt in the area. The front

Of course, even the back part which is a little more vulnerable

I looked around and I could see that he was fine

I looked around the exterior and I looked at the wheels

as if a vortex were hitting

the shape is big in the curved shape

I could see the wheels, which were basic

not only is it excelling

The design seemed to be outstanding

The tires that look like it wear

It wasn’t happening, so

I’m not sure I’m gonna be able to run long enough

It seemed like there was a lifespan left

I’ve seen everything I can see

I thought, and then I went inside

I opened the door and found the air inside

not pleasant, but moderately good

I felt it. I just felt like I had a lot of relief

I thought it was not narrow

When you sit in and look at it, you can get the sheets in detail

I could see it, but it’s a lot of stains

It was like it was clean and it was like

The cushioning isn’t that long

I don’t think I’ve been pressed too much,

Ford Explorer used car is moderately comfortable

He was giving me a seat

It was wide, but the basic management

It didn’t look good

So I’d like to see a little more

I’m starting to feel like I’m going to go

I tried to run the handle in front of me

from one end to the other

not only is it soft, but it’s also a grip

It felt great. It’s too thick

I felt like I was right for my hand, not the horn

When I tried to ring, there was no abnormality,

I’m going to need to know

There’s a button that can be controlled

I thought it would be easy to use

in the place where the dashboard comes in into the eye

I could have looked at it once, but I’ve been

to a degree, the driving distance is a

He showed me, and it’s complicated

I’m not gonna let you know

It was made up of relatively simple compositions

I need to read it well, so

I thought it was not necessary to be complicated

I think he liked it. Right

I turned my eyes and saw the center fascia

There was a wide air vent, and it was

the different function is controlled

There was an air conditioner, a heater, and so on

I could turn it on. It’s hard to wind or airflow

I could change it so that it was not possible

It had a variety of functions for it

Not that there’s a lot of switches, but that’s how much

I’m gonna have to take all the things I need

Pod Explorer used as if it were there

I liked it

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