It’s not for slaughter, it’s for protecting the remaining grass. forever

the most sophisticated introduction to fantasy dramas

Is it because the original Turan Continent is a famous IP masterpiece or because of the outstanding ability of the screenwriter Wang Kwon?

I thought Chinese dramas had a lot of rough productions, but Turan Continent had clues that penetrated the entire series, considering that the audience would not feel bored in the flow of the story. To write a review, I recorded a few things while watching the main episode, and honestly, I was very surprised to read them. I can make this well-organized drama. I thought Chinese dramas have improved a lot.

I’ve never seen a drama with such a handsome male lead in my entire life. I was so busy trying to figure out the story that the first time I saw something I couldn’t figure out. Let’s start our review today with a commitment to keep your notebook next to you when you look at the Turan continent.

before going in
Reviews can, of course, include spoilers.
I haven’t read all of the original and I don’t know much about it. There are good and bad things about not reading the original, but I put it off for a while for the pleasure of imagining the drama itself. It’s my imagination, so please understand the original fans.

Have you ever been to Harry Potter and the Dynaghan Ally?

Let’s think of a classic way of explaining the vast worldview of a common medium martial arts or present-day drama. The first thing that comes to mind at the beginning of the play is the fact that a strict, all-out point-of-view narrator recites a stream of information: “The AA family has settled the XX world with the supreme power of the XX party.” Like this, a heavy, solemn voice actor?

But the way the Turan continent unfolds is quite refreshing.

Like in an RPG game.

At the beginning of the play, the main character woke up to eat, walk the laundry, chop the firewood, and do basic daily training, the audience has no particular information about the world.

But with its dangerous charm, ability, and voice, it’s a very handsome Soun-do, and it’s our first time learning about the Tura Continent.

This way of doing it makes viewers focus on each conversation with Chief’s father, because in a few short conversations, there’s important information about the original worldview.

I think it was a production that increased immersion in the play without explaining it frequently.

Very good at selling drugs to hesitants? Marital Soun-do of the Unmarried Company

Despite his father’s request, he falls for Soun-do’s temptation.

The company got information about the coma!!

I feel like I’m supposed to have this in the chat room.

The dangerous 토렌트킴 face of a giant spider, the face of a giant spider, uses a method of showing off its power by opening up three of its own mix and wolf spirit instead of shooting a long wind when driving out a giant spider that would’ve fainted.

I’m impressed that Dragon Ball’s Scout, who visually gave us a lot of fresh entertainment and became a bible of fantasy boy cartoons, can feel the excitement of breaking again on the Toura Continent.

Seeds of power hidden in everyone’s hearts

A wake-up ceremony can wake up your own soul and later become a marriage if you get the right one!

If you like fantasy or boy adventure cartoons, your eyes will shine!

The mysterious beings of the Turan continent that Dang-yi meets after the episode feel like Harry Potter, who lived in Muggles, went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Dynagon and Ally.

It was interesting because it seemed like the oriental fantasy world view, which is the strength of Chinese drama, was expressed in a unique way. I’ve never seen a middle school like this before.

A 100,000-year-old coma can transform itself into a human being.

Marriage is a constant hunt for comatose to be strong. It can’t coexist.

I didn’t understand exactly, but after the 40th episode, I watched everything.

I mentioned in my previous review that the wind and mirrors hanging in front of your blacksmith’s.
I was impressed by the fact that there are many hidden double lines, which are essential conditions of good dramas that are considered masterpieces.

That’s why a good original and a good screenwriter are so precious.

Turan Spinoff Father’s Pleasure!!!

No, I’m just starting my episode.
But there’s so much I can imagine in your father’s line.
He hid his left hand’s hocheonchu, another marriageless one expressed to him.
If you get caught, tell them to do this.
It’s not for slaughter.
It’s to protect the remaining candles. forever
It’s not for slaughter, it’s for protecting the remaining grass. forever

He’s blunt and quiet, but he’s good at raising his son alone.
How deeply regretful was the father, who drinks every day from the grief of losing his wife, for failing to protect his wife? I can guess from that line, and I can’t believe it.
I was moved to tears by myself that I was able to raise my son well, which is the fruit of love, when I saw my brother born with both of my mother’s remaining candles and father’s hocheonchu.
Based on Chief’s lines, Seonghon Village is an area where there is no marriage, no marriage, no traffic is isolated. The only way to become a strong man in the Turan continent is to use no-marriage to get married, and the awakening ritual has been beyond years, and the reason why Dang Sam-pa has chosen a place to raise his son is two hypotheses.

First, we should strengthen the party by purely present and present, not by the power of no marriage.
If he thought he needed a wake-up call for no marriage, he would have tried somehow to make it stronger, without any stimulus, purely by the power of the present.

The second father needs to avoid the eyes of people because he is too famous to raise him quietly.

I don’t know about the drama, so I’m not sure about number two, but after seeing the lines of convenience and the epi with the mother who is famous for the scene of sobbing, the drama is about her father and mother.

This guy’s crazy.
Dang Samsung Mixed Village Age Unknown Characteristic Cute

Through the character, Dangim, viewers begin their adventures of becoming the world’s most powerful people in Turan.
It’s also attractive that this character isn’t just flat or stupid or naive. You can feel this in some scenes.

In a face-to-face episode, “Why are you so scared? When So Woon-do asked, “Have you seen Bing for the first time?”

“I’ve never seen you before.” “What’s that?””And he doesn’t want to continue the conversation to reveal his personal information or to get information from a strange person, Sowundo.

It’s just, “Thank you for saving me. Then I’ll be on my way.” You’re very careful, aren’t you?

And while dealing with the dangerous coma that the people who were attacked face to face must have eaten by surprise and “crushed” sounds from the grass,

When he showed his intention to solve this problem by himself, he said, “This way, I’ll chase you home.” Oh, look at this?! It made me smile.

I mean, usually a kid would run to a guardian and shout, “Save me, please?
It was quite interesting to be able to guess the boldness and cleverness of this guy.

Fine art and sound teams.

How many clothes did you wear in total on the unexpected quiz?

The sound of the flute~ It’s not a background music like a string, but I also liked the fresh BGM that was placed in the right places.

Well-organized screenplay, actors’ acting, art and sound. All the good dramas that I’ve admired are always great memories of this combination, and I think that’s the case with Turatoland.

As a fan of actor Xiao Zhan, I am very happy to be a fan of drama and fantasy dramas.

I’m going to wrap up the review with an overwhelming heart.

I had a lot of fun writing it, and I realized that reviews are a tool that makes me watch my favorite drama more interesting. Have a comfortable night.

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