The second time I used it, the flesh around my jawline was…

Basically, when you say you take care of your skin at home,
Skin care, mask pack, and exfoliate.
But when the weather gets cold and dry, this alone…
I thought it might not be enough. Elasticity drops easily.
It dries up quickly.

강남수안보안마 If you want to see a noticeable effect, you’ll need to go to the
I thought it might be a good idea to go around.

But it’s hard to go out these days.
In a space where many other people come and go.
You’re a little nervous about staying, aren’t you?

That’s why I’m staying at home longer.
I have a lot of time left and I’m going to take care of my skin
I wanted to get started.

Considering the cost-effectiveness,
I think it would be better to do home care.
What’s so cost-effective and anti-aging?
There’s a product that caught my eye while looking for it.
It’s a face mask device that you can manage your elasticity at home!

There are a lot of facial massagers, but I chose one with good reviews.
Compare product features, functions, and efficacy.
I made up my mind after asking questions and getting counseling.

There’s a lot of facial massage equipment out there, so you can choose what you want.
I didn’t know if it would be good, so I thought about it for a long time.
I signed up for a rental and managed it dual-sonic twice.
I thought it was a good choice.

I was interested in facial massage equipment.
That’s why it’s used to wash your face.
I knew about LED masks.

But I only knew there was one, obviously.
It worked and I didn’t know what to do.

But I could feel my skin getting worse.
It’s getting wrinkled and crumbly.
That’s why I need to start taking care of it now.
I bought dual sonic because I wanted to.

This helps to fill up the elasticity and moisturization.
It’s a lifting device that pulls the drooping area.

Concentrated ultrasound hypuro without irritation to the skin surface.
To the innermost fascia.
It is said that heat energy can be transferred to form a heat coagulation point.

That’s why I’m worried about quick moisturization and elasticity.
I felt good because I thought I picked the right one.
As it’s a lifting device, I think it’s good at managing wrinkles.

It’s self-care, so it lacks delicacy.
You might be worried that the cartridge…
It’s divided into a face and two eye cartridges.
You can use it by changing parts.

Face changing cartridges for each part
Take care of the whole thing, focus on the eyes and neck.
I think the cost-effectiveness is very good because we can take care of it!

Dual Sonic Versions Luxury and Professional Versions
There are two. I chose the professional version.
The face-only cartridge has 6,000 shots.
You can take care of the eye cartridge with 60,000 shots.

Once used,
The elasticity of the face is restored as a whole.
I was so satisfied.
Can I see the lifting effect next time?
I have high expectations.

Reduce administrative time and cost.
I think it’s beneficial to manage it at home in many ways.

If you’re new to home care, when you grab the device,
I think it might feel awkward or uncomfortable.
But if you get used to it, you’ll be able to use it comfortably.

One button can control energy intensity and penetration depth.
So it’s easy to operate it.

Facial massager

Professional can adjust the intensity from 1 to 5.
If you’re new to it, you start at a weak level, then you raise it step by step.
I think using it will help.

The procedures that hurt so much that you can cry when you take care of them.
There are times when the screaming came out naturally.

But it depends on how sick I am.
It was less painful and comfortable because I could adjust it.

Even for those who are scared of being sick and scared to go to the shop,
I think it’d be nice to find out a facial massage.

I usually use dual mode function.
Dual mode is a mode that is only shown in Dual Sonic.
I heard it’s the world’s first patented technology.

3.0mm and 4.5mm depth can be investigated alternately
So when you want to take care of the dermis and fascia at the same time,
They say it’s good to use dual mode.

When you use a face cartridge to take care of your entire face,
Keep the skin surface and the instrument at an angle of 20 to 160 degrees.
They say you have to hold it and use it closely.
When investigating, the charging terminal of the cartridge goes down
It’s important to be careful not to go down.

There’s a liquid inside the cartridge, and I’m gonna need you to take the ultrasound
He’s playing a role of helping. So the device test.
If the film part is facing up, you’ll like it.
They say it can be hard to see the effects!

Face cartridge and eye cartridge.
The usage is a little different!
Facecartridge, take one shot at a shot.
Use it in a mobile way.
Rub the eye cartridges together.
They say it’s a way of moving.

Treatment such as ischlink due to wrinkles around the eyes
I can see people who recognize me often, right?
But the dual sonic is for your eyes.
I’m sending you the eye cartridges, and you’re gonna get the whole face
Of course, every eye area is fine.
It’s nice to be able to take care of it’s nice.

Even if you don’t put on moisturizing cream after you use it.
I really liked it because it felt moist.

The second time I used it, the flesh around my jawline was…
I think I’ve gone up there and gotten thinner.
I think it’s improved a lot.
I’m so satisfied once or twice.
How much more effect can you see if you use it consistently?
I’m already excited.

The second time I used it, the flesh around my jawline was…
I think I’ve gone up there and gotten thinner.
I think it’s improved a lot.
I’m so satisfied once or twice.
How much more effect can you see if you use it consistently?
I’m already excited.

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