I recommend the authentic Swedish Sunneung Home Tie Inner Arc Pulnisterapy that cools the body and mind.

Hello, this is Landiker Tour!
It rains a lot these days.
Maybe that’s why I decided to go get a home tie because I felt stiff and uncomfortable.

The home tie shop visited by Randy Curtour is Inner Arcpulnisterapy, which is famous for Sunneung Home Tie.
The location is on the 2nd floor of the Newb Hotel.

We’re going to the 2nd floor by elevator, and there’s information about Paul’s therapy home tie in the elevator, so it’s good to read it while we go up.

The present you give me as soon as you arrive on the second floor!

There is a banner about inner arc.

I’m looking forward to it!

If you look for the arrow, you’ll find a fitness therapy.

The home tie shop inner arc visited by Randy Curtour is the first traditional Swedish home tie shop in Korea and has been steadily loved for 10 years.

The door is so pretty!

Business hours are from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

At the entrance, there is a non-contact body temperature measuring device related to Covid-19.

Inner Ark is disinfected regularly, so it’s good to be able to trust and visit safely even during the covid-19.

The interior is cool and extremely neat!

To maintain traditionalism, professional education is a reliable shop managed only by constantly trained teachers, so it’s 100% reservation system, so if you want to make a reservation in advance, you must make a reservation in advance!!!

A cute cat welcomes me on the counter.

There’s an indoor air purifier!

It’s before getting a home tie, but just looking at the interior atmosphere and a lot of aroma makes me feel relieved!

We had a brief consultation before the home tie and they gave us a cool t-shirt.
Yoti is very delicious!

60 minutes and 120 minutes of home ties are available, and we’re going to get an 80 minute Randy Curtour.

You can choose aroma according to your personal preference.
Randy Curtour likes cool things, so choose peppermint!

The aroma oil used in Inner Ark is 100% natural oil, not commonly used mineral oil synthetic oil, and the essential oil is a famous Abedasa product.
It is said that the oil above is blended and the expectations are high!

Move down the hall to enter the home tie room.

I put it in a gif for a detailed indoor look.

This is the private room!

Before receiving aroma, we have towels for changing clothes and a simple shower.

Items such as towels, beds, showers, and other items are clean and the quality is also excellent.

There’s an air purifier in the room, too.
I’m so touched by your careful consideration.

I really like the privateness of the entrance and the proper temperature of the lighting.

It’s a cozy, clean, and comfortable interior space that’s perfect for home ties.

Peppermint aroma oil is prepared that you chose to suit your taste!
It’s a lot.

Let’s start the home tie!

I feel like I’m getting a cool home tie.

I used to be sick because 홈타이 I got the wrong home tie, but this place is very delicate and meticulously home-tieed with enough pressure.

I wish I could’ve captured the home tie in gifs and videos, but I’d come by myself and…

I’ll make sure to prepare a video in case of a revisit!

When I came out of the home tie, they prepared sparkling water.
Drinking sparkling water makes my heart feel refreshed.

I recommend the authentic Swedish Sunneung Home Tie Inner Arc Pulnisterapy that cools the body and mind.

There are managers who have learned the same education and training as the same boss, so I think you can visit a convenient place to move.

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