I think I paid off as much as much as I did!

Jeju is the only place where you can directly distribute jiujitsu to the national team! It’s Doo Hwan. v.

Today, I would like to introduce Doohwan’s ordinary but always happy appearance at 7 o’

By seven o’clock,
Let’s start stretching together.
And Jiu-Jitsu technology class. Let’s practice technology!
But I couldn’t take a picture.

So I post the position sparring first.
It’s a practice for me to get the upper hand first in Jiu-Jitsu!
I thought everyone was concentrating and working hard.
Those people who are doing V with the camera.
Yeah… this jiu jitsu national team.
Choi Hye-min, the runner-up,
Third place, Shin Ok-jo.
They’re also responsible for Doo Hwan’s beauty.

Brightened Jiu-Jitsu

It looks like yesterday that I painted it’s already…

It’s Wednesday now.

Come back to coach Jiu-Jitsu.

I think time flies so fast since then.
(That’s how old he is……)

I’ve got things to do day by day, doing this and that.

I think it’s because I’m in class.

The gym members turned the walls white.

Everyone liked it!!! Phew…

There’s not a single person who says it’s bad.

I mean, the members really liked it.
I’m so happy.

I think I paid off as much as much as I did!

Maybe that’s why the rest of the members,

Whenever he comes out, he says, “Oh~~”

Every time I do that, I get a lot of mulberry on my shoulder.

I’m sure you’ll find yourself in a brighter and better environment.

I’ll try my best to work out.

Happy jiujitsu time 7:30pm jiujitsu! Chulmin started working out with Junho! Five days a week, early attendance.
I’m proud of you for working out! He’s cute even when he’s hiding. Everyone’s tired because he’s warming up.
Sometimes we do circuit-style warm-ups to build up our stamina. It’s important to build up the stamina to spar for a long time.
It’s important! It’s a jiu jitsu that makes your heart strong!

Two newly registered female members! It wasn’t difficult, so we divided the classes into beginners.
We conducted a separate class for easy understanding so that it was not difficult to understand, and we conducted a close-gizer sweep basic class.
Let’s work on the basics until we can follow the difficult techniques later on!

Today, I’m going to have a lapel pass and lapel choke at Halfguard! We had a class with a little bit of difficulty
I’m glad you all followed me. So that you don’t forget the skills you learned that day, rather than free sparring, the position you learned that day.
It’s important to increase the confidence of the 주짓수 technology with sparring and practice the situation, right? Even when you’re free sparring, you start with the position of the day.
I hope the Corona ends soon and the day we play together comes.

irresponsible people
After the position sparring is done so hard…
It’s the most enjoyable time for jiujit trainees.
It’s jujitsu sparring time.
Roll, roll, bend, beg.
Try the skills you’ve learned. I’ll try and…
But it’s still the most enjoyable!
We always end with a group photo!
Today’s group photo feels great.
students of all agesLet’s have fun with jiujitsu.
But if you want to learn properly, come to Du Hwan.
It’s an authorized gym for jiujitsu.
The current head of the Jiu-Jitsu National Team, Hwang Myeong-Seo, will direct this place.
It’s not the best facility, but I’m confident it’s the best.
Please come to Duhwan-ro, just in front of Exit 4 of Jincheon Station.

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