It is making profits by selling banner advertising marketing products based on high traffic.

I simply organized a business structure by asking how I could make money on the website. I think most of them do website-based business like this. Each number is in the order of organizing the business structure, and next to it is the language used for each step.

  1. Web site production (3 hours)
    To make money from a website, you must first be able to create a website. There are templates and open sources that allow you to create websites in three hours, so if you modify these templates and open sources moderately, you can quickly create good websites. However, it is important to note that the start of the project should not be a website. It depends on the product you sell, but first, you can upload the contents through the SNS channel called Blog, and then start producing the website. The images to be uploaded on the site can be roughly made of mango boards or canvas.
  2. FTP Communication (10 minutes)
    Once you have created a web page, you must now upload it to the web server. It is a tool that helps uploads such as Aldrive. If you have the domain and account of the web server you want to upload, you can upload the source code to the server immediately.
  3. Domain Purchase & Server Hosting (5 Minutes)
    You can buy and operate a server yourself, but it is expensive and it is recommended to use hosting services with multiple steps. Typical examples include Cafe24 and Firebase, which are free of charge for Firebase, and this makes it easier to use Google Analytics on its own, so it would be better to host it on Firebase. At the same time, separate domains are purchased for site addresses. It then connects the domain to the server and uploads the source code to synchronize with the web server.
  4. Facebook Advertising, SEO, Point System (3 days)
    Now that the website has 토렌트 been built, we need to proceed with marketing so that users can come in. Since we don’t know community sites through Instagram, we use Facebook paid advertisements and optimize search engines so that our sites can be exposed to search engines at the same time. To optimize search engine, 1) register site with search engine, 2) collect site information with robot file, and 3) modify meta tag. Finally, the point system is used, and the end of marketing goes beyond purchasing conversion, and people who come in once have to visit the website continuously, so Gamification is made with the point system to continue the inflow rate.
  5. Profit model (4 days)
    When people begin to flow through Google Search’s top exposure, they create a pipeline to make money. You can sell products such as e-books directly on the website, or make money with advertising fees by installing ad-sense, which can earn profits depending on the traffic you accessed. You can also sell marketing products that post advertisement banners on the site for a certain amount of time if you give them money. For this traffic-based revenue structure, we need to upload informative content to the site.
  6. GA, Facebook Performance Report
    In website-based business, traffic is key, and we can measure the performance of inflow channels where and how these traffic is maintained on the site. Therefore, on the page that has a high rate of departure, people keep putting hooking elements in it that allow them to stay.
  7. Keyword Recommendation Service (Monthly)
    This function does not need to be implemented from the beginning, and after some increase in traffic, it is a device that increases the user inflow rate and conversion rate by exposing real-time popular or recommended comments to the site main to continue user traffic.

    It may take more than a month because it requires enough traffic to generate revenue, but in approximately a week’s time frame, website-based business settings can be completed. A typical example of such a website-based business is the Torrent site. Let’s do a case analysis on this site.

    How do torrent sites make money?
    Internet Pirates Representative – Torrent Site
    First of all, we will use Gnubod to create torrent sites. With Gnubod, the site’s large framework can be completed in about three hours. It will then purchase a domain for the site address and host it to an overseas server rather than a domestic server. Once this site has been created, it will upload illegal content for traffic-based advertising revenue. The profit model of Torrent’s site is a structure in which people 1) come into the site a lot, and 2) people who come into the site click on banner ads. A prerequisite for this revenue model is that there should be something for people to come in. For torrent sites, uploading torrent files that people want to download may be a device to increase traffic. Recently, these Torrent sites have evolved, not to upload torrent files directly, but to hang external links.
    Device to increase traffic
    In this way, traffic continues to circulate as it bypasses legal risks of uploading torrent files and at the same time encourages access to other torrent sites that it operates. Through these links, users continue to maintain traffic within multiple sites created by site operators, thereby generating revenue by clicking banner ads or selling banner advertising marketing products based on high traffic.

    Finally, users are working on optimizing the Google search engine to flow into the torrent site. Most torrent users enter the site through Google Search, not Naver, so SEO works to expose the site at the top when Google searches.

    After completing the Torrent site setting, there are three cases as the next step. 1) Run away due to copyright violations, 2) increase the traffic on the site and proceed with the sale of the site, 3) stop uploading torrent files and switch to a community site.

    We analyzed Torrent site, which is a representative case of website-based business. Business is ultimately about optimizing the world, where torrent sites may be about optimizing the world in that they 1) provide users with the files they want, and 2) provide advertisers with high-traffic advertising channels, but the problem is that this is a Rule violation. I think it is meaningful to do business within the rules (law). No matter how well you want to play soccer, you can’t play the game by breaking the rules of soccer.

    Do you live as a producer or a consumer?
    I think there are only two kinds of people in the world: producers and consumers. Whether you live as a producer (a musician who concurrently works as a writer, YouTuber, entrepreneur, rapper & producer, a fashion designer who runs an independent brand, a restaurant owner who raises a restaurant and sells it for a premium), or as a consumer, you can decide your free will. However, those who remain consumers and those who consume the system may never be able to break away from capitalism. However, those who choose to be producers and those who use the system from the outside can live a self-reliant life away from the yoke of capitalism. To switch from consumer to producer, one must break one’s mold several times. To do this, we need to know how to go to the sea. The place we want to go is the sea, not the desert, so we should ask people who have actually been to the sea for directions to the sea. However, there is a high possibility that there is no one around us who actually saw the sea. This is because those who see the sea want to leave for the bigger sea or enjoy the deserted sandy beach alone. However, there is a hint left by those who saw the sea. We cannot meet them in person, but we can also reach the sea through hints left by those who arrive there first. Sometimes there are people who say that you need to listen to other people’s opinions to succeed. Sadly, however, there is a high possibility that the person we are going to listen to is not the person who told us to listen. We should close our ears from the sounds around us and focus on the stories of those who saw the sea first. And their stories are accessible through practical books.

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