I liked it even more because I didn’t have any concerns.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been using muscles more than usual while working and exercising these days, but I get tired quickly because I’ve been gathering here and there and there! I thought it wouldn’t work out if I just leave it alone, so I looked for Dongtan massage on my day off. I found that The FOOT SHOP Dongtan Branch is located near my relatives’ house! I made a reservation and visited you.
The location was located on the 3rd floor of Daiso Building in Nam Plaza. It was my first time visiting, but the sign was so big that I could see it at a glance. It’s big enough for the elderly to find it easily. 😀

I’m worried about going everywhere these days and whether the quarantine will be in order! But this place is a safe disinfection prevention store, so I was able to visit it with confidence. So I was able to get it without any worries 🙂 The operating hours are from 10 a.m. to 1 a.m. every day. So I thought those who finish their work late could go and get it. There are many nearby stores, too. The best part is that there is a parking space up to the sixth basement floor, so you don’t have to worry about where to stop the car.
It’s a lot wider than I thought! 분당마사지 I naturally thought that it was a place famous for its good skills as a Dongtan massage. It’s open all year round, so it’s okay to visit anytime.

As soon as I walked in, there was a separate place to store my shoes, so I could take them off comfortably.
They told me the name of the reservation and showed me the menu to take care of. Since there is a flat coupon in Dongtan Massage, it is much cheaper than the regular price if you buy a flat ticket and you can use the event menu. 🙂 There are family and gold versions of the membership, so you can earn additional money and use it with your family.I thought it’d be okay if I cut it off. If it’s okay, I thought it’d be good to cut off the urocorom and use it with my family!
The special therapy includes a lymphatic therapy, a stone therapy, a pre-pregnant therapy, and a pre-pregnant therapy, all of which looked good:) And if you cut off the officials as membership, they’d be much cheaper than normal prices. Pregnant women have special care for pregnant women, not regular care, so it looked perfect for those who have children in their stomachs. The therapy for pregnant Busan was originally 100,000 won, but if you do membership, you can do 77,000 won.

Plus therapy has aroma, foot, and chiropractic, and they all have different feelings, and foot therapy is for foot care, so I thought it would be good to have both aroma and foot therapy for now.Looking at it, I thought it would be great to receive your feet~ But I thought it would be better if you relax your muscles so I took care of my body with aroma. I was impressed by your meticulous and good work.
After looking at the price list, I decided on what to do and looked around the shop while I was waiting. 🙂 I heard that it’s the widest and most comfortable Dongtan massage shop in Dongtan, and it’s really wide and clean, so I liked it.~
The interior was made of wood, so I could feel healthier and felt like a place to take care of myself. 🙂 It felt luxurious with wood, and it was fun to see plants that purified the air.~

Also, the good thing about Dongtan massage here was that the service was great! In one place like this, there’s a tea that you can drink warm and coffee, so it’s comfortable to choose. Usually, green tea or round tea are prepared in tea bags, but there is already boiled tea, so you can feel that you take care of it more. 🙂
The wooden furniture is so pretty. And the rattan lighting is so pretty. The interior is so well-designed that I felt like I was in a luxurious and expensive place to take care of, and I liked the feeling that I had a certain amount of care.
Today, I decided to get aromatherapy and foottherapy, so I entered a foottherapy place, and it felt really warm and I felt relaxed before I got a massage! People who sit around for a long time like me and work around are advised to take care of their feet. For those of you who work standing up for a long time, it would be better if you get it every day, but it’s hard to get it every day, so I thought I should get it at least once.

The color of the foot bath is so pretty, right? Even the cute space was cute! It’s my first time getting my feet, so I was a little nervous and looking forward to how cool it would be 🙂
When I got it, it was so good that I thought I would come with my family and friends! We couldn’t be together because we didn’t have time on this day, but we’ll definitely go together next time. Actually, I heard a lot of family and couples come here. 🙂 It’s a convenient place to visit together.
Especially, it’s operated on a reservation system, so you don’t have to run into other customers. There was a locker that kept valuables and clothes, so I liked it even more because I didn’t have to worry about losing important things. 😀

If I had known that there was a shop nearby where I could get such a good therapy, I would have been there earlier, but I was happy to know that I could take care of my body now. It was nice to be able to take care of myself cheaply because it was a special event.
If you feel uncomfortable or want to refresh yourself, I recommend you visit there no matter what. 🙂 The service is good and the price is so touching, so I really want to recommend it. I hope you go there once.
Everyone, thank you for your hard work today.
I wish you all the best tomorrow and I’ll wrap this up.

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