He took it to the roof, and my husband started assembling it.

He set up Deed and Pagora.

I was worried and anxious, and I was told to dig into the rooftop terrace. It’s skydiving.

I was worried about installing something.

a windy day

Or if a typhoon comes…

I don’t know if you’re flying.

If a typhoon comes, you’re not going to be able to sleep.

You’re worried ahead of the average person.

As I am older, I feel like a typhoon is already in my head.

I’m so worried.

But I don’t know…

More rooftop terrace is a must!Think about it and go to the trader.

If you search on mobile, the price of Pagora is too high.

That doesn’t mean Traders are cheap.

In a salaried family with a monthly 스카이어닝 income,

It’s also a lot of money, but…

For me. For my family.

We can invest this much. We’re together.

Traders don’t ship them.

So I rented a 1-ton truck from my husband’s company, and he didn’t go into the Elbe, so he opened the package and carried four sets of columns one by one.

Let’s move to the attic.

Take it to the roof.

My husband started assembling.

Some people say it took two people an hour.

I think he’s an expert.

It took us two hours to build a skeleton.

Of course, he’s 90 percent alone, and I’m just listening and supporting, so I don’t know if it’s been that long.

I think it’ll take an hour for you guys to do it.

After building up the frame,

It’s a problem to fix it, right?

The floor is waterproof.

I can’t put her in there’s no way.

So my husband and I came up with something on the wall.

It was fixed.

It’s fixed on the sides and bottom of the roof.

After fixing the four columns, there’s no shaking.

It’s hardened.

I put up the curtains that act as skyning.

Phew… it’s done now!

Now that we’re done, there’s a must-have event.^^

The front leg meat I bought for bossam,

with three layers in the main.

A glass of beer there!

I don’t envy which travel destination…

When you get the lettuce planted on the roof terrace,

I think we’ll have meat parties more often.

My dream!

It’s done!

What’s your life?!

I wish I could be happy today.

Nobody knows about tomorrow.

After my mother passed away in her sleep,

My life motto has changed a lot.

There is no tomorrow.

Let’s buy what we want to eat today, even if it’s expensive.

What you want to do, tomorrow when you don’

Let’s not worry.

It’s just like it’s just today.

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