Chanelback Consignment Sales at Goybitty, a Used Luxury Store

High speed terminal #Banpo Central

Goibito, a huge used luxury store!

It was a big used luxury store, so I was noticed

This time, we will entrust Chanel bag

I’ve been watching a variety of used luxury goods

Koibito, a used luxury store that was surprised to be bigger than I thought!

Not only purchase, but a luxury assessment,

sales, consignment sales, purchase sales, etc.

It is a place where various services related to used luxury goods are provided

Chanel, Hermes, Gucci, Prada, Lorex, Cartier, Bulgari and others

300 square meters, five-story single-family store.

The advantage is that the number of things itself is large!

A view of the entrance of the first floor of Koibito, a used luxury store

There are so many different products

It’s a used luxury, so there’s a new and classic product

I’ve been trying to find out

The advantage is that you can buy it

Better than a personal transaction than anything else

You can buy it with only genuine feelings!

On the first basement floor, the second-hand luxury clothing store

On the second basement level, there is a Goibito luxury appraisal center

when you’re dealing with a secondhand person

Some people come to test for authenticity

We’ll put the sale of used luxury goods in cafes and places

People who don’t like to do personal business

I’m going to need to make sure

I think you can use a used luxury store like Goibito

# The master of luxury appraisal in the master of life

They say it’s a place to work!

There are always about 10 luxury appraisers in the house

Helps you buy, sell, and consult professional luxury goods.

The fact that you’re using all the buildings in a land-priced cannon

That’s a lot of stuff.

Watches, bags, clothing, shoes, wallets, accessories

There are a lot of high-end luxury goods in the store

The place of purchase, the purchase price, the time of purchase, the state is transparent

I wish I could see it and pick it myself

One or two bags bought and received

I didn’t choose it, but it’s not a little bit of a taste.

that you can sell them like a real thing!

It’s good for sale

There are many good products

as good as it is to buy

I looked around the Goibito Gangnam branch of a used luxury store

It’s a used item, but there are a lot of good things

# Limited or # Specialty Peaches,

I can find it in a luxury second-hand store

#Ladydiol #diol #diolback

Used Chanelback Collection #Chanelback #Chanelbag

So we put them together by brand

He showed me what kind of product you asked me to show you

I’m a Gabriel Hobo Na #Gabrielbackpack

I wanted to buy this.

There are many watches, accessories, and so on.

and the fun of watching

I’m here, too. I’m here

Valencia’s bracelet…

There are many products of various brands

If you like bags, you can go see them comfortably!

And Hermes John–

There are so many stores that there are many items to handle

I thought there were a 레플리카 lot of bags

The used luxury watch section was also quite large

I don’t know if they’re selling them to people with centipede disease

There were plenty of new, healthy shoes!

It’s a lot cheaper and cleaner than the store

You can buy it at a reasonable price at a used luxury store!

Oh, my God! Ferraga, all the #bara!

You have a pegaramoflat, too.

bling bling pretty

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